Software Development

The world around us is digital, soaked in small and big devices, that determine our everyday life. Sometimes they cloud it, usually though improve it — and from time to time they even delight us.

It all starts with simple letters and digits, that group up to words, words, that gather into sentences, sentences, that emerge to programs. Written in a language, that seems so similar to our daily one, but is actually so much different. It takes time to learn it, especially to master it. You cannot really communicate with it, rather give instructions. Give instructions to those devices, that would otherwise be so insenate.

Our instruction set includes:

Websites & -applications

Smartphone- & Tablet-Apps


Modern software nowadays usually isn’t written from ground up, but neatly combined from existing projects and modules. Custom requirements are then added on top of an established software stack, such that even complex systems can be implemented in a timely and reasonably way. By selecting the right components for each project it is possible to develop software, that is easily upgradeably, stable and comparatively secure.

Our selection of technologies and paradigms include:

Apache or Nginx

Capable, mature and stable web servers


Modern object oriented and flexible programming language

MySQL or MongoDB

Universally applicable database systems

HTML5 and CSS3 with Bootstrap 4

Foundation for responsive, accessible and indexable websites

JavaScript with jQuery

Foundation for attractively animated and interactive websites

Thanks to the concept of graceful degradion we can deploy the latest innovations of modern web browsers without sacrifice of older systems. Brave new world!


Popular and powerful open-source business CMS for complex websites

Shopware Themes & Plugins

Innovative and  und comprehensive shop software for professional e-commerce

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Popular and convenient open-source content management system


Integrated into WordPress this shop software is perfect for small to medium sized shops

Zend Framework 2 & 3

Powerful open-source business framework for complex web applications


Open source software to quickly build cross platform desktop apps

Node.js with npm

Webserver and platform of the future for performant, agile developed real time applications with the world’s largest software repository.

Adobe PhoneGap

Framework and cloud infrastructure for agile developed hybrid apps for smartphones and tablets.

Java 8 and JavaFX

Universally applicable programming language and runtime environment for desktop and mobile apps

Git and GitHub

Distributed version control system for team-oriented project management

As well as the following generally accepted best practices of the software industry:

Prototyping and agile software development

Allows for faster and less bureaucratic results compared to the traditional linear approach

Unit Testing

Allows for more stable and maintainable programs thanks to automatic software tests

Dependency Management

Allows for a more effective and clear assembly of software dependencies

Dependency Injection
(via Service Locator Pattern)

Leads to generally more comprehensible and neater program structures

We preferably use open-source software, since it signifies freedom, independency and extensibility in software development. According to this philosophy we too have published a couple of programs under open-source licenses.

Seen enough?

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