User Interface Design

Form follows function. Design is no self purpose, but must emphasize and enhance the actual purpose of a medium. It transforms purely rational content into an emotional experience. The first impression is vital.

Not everything that is possible should be applied, and not everything that should be applied is always possible. To know what works on a screen or in a web browser, what does not, where the snares lurk and what to consider in digital design requires a lot of experience and its implementation a fine collaboration within the team.

What is the objective? Who is the audience? Which elements are important, which can be neglected? What is the essence of a project? There are many questions to answer in digital design and it’s always good to ask them.

Our creative leeway includes:

Corporate Design

Logo, colors and typography — an expressive design language is crucial for the appearance of any business

Websites & -applications

The web browser is a place where technology and creativity meet each other in a unique way – this challenge is our passion


Some messages are better transported the vintage way — e.g. via cards, letters, flyers or brochures

Video and Animation

Images and illustrations, whether static or animated, transport information much more entertaining and pleasant than raw text

It is the tiny details that make the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary user experience. It is these final 20 %, which are frequently said to take 80 % of the time, that should be achieved in every good design. This achievement is our objective.

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